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Why Shop Small

While bigger online based floral companies may claim locality and convenience, what they really are doing is taking business away from small floral boutiques: the true locals. Especially in the Bay Area, tech floral start-ups like Farm girl and Bloom that, have the look of your local shop with the convenience of a simple online ordering process. But what you may not know is that in function, they are no different than the big conglomerates the floral industry has been shunning, such at 1800FLOWERS or FTD. In order to handle the masses of orders, every single bouquet that goes out is exactly the same. Let me repeat that, every bouquet is exactly the same. While that might on the surface...

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Our Story

Not everyone takes business advice from a 9-year-old but that’s exactly what happened when I decided to buy Bell and Trunk Flowers. In 2008 I was an unemployed journalist looking for a new challenge when my daughter, Elise, and I stopped in front of our neighborhood flower shop and read the “for sale” sign in the window. We pictured the advantages of being in charge of something creative and making it our own, joining the ranks of the blossoming Potrero/Dogpatch merchant community and getting to know our customers through the abundant reasons people buy flowers. Since then we’ve weathered a recession, seen a variety of businesses come and go, watched our neighborhood grow while the rents skyrocket, and made lifelong...

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