Why Shop Small

While bigger online based floral companies may claim locality and convenience, what they really are doing is taking business away from small floral boutiques: the true locals. Especially in the Bay Area, tech floral start-ups like Farm girl and Bloom that, have the look of your local shop with the convenience of a simple online ordering process. But what you may not know is that in function, they are no different than the big conglomerates the floral industry has been shunning, such at 1800FLOWERS or FTD. In order to handle the masses of orders, every single bouquet that goes out is exactly the same.

Let me repeat that, every bouquet is exactly the same. While that might on the surface not seem like such a big deal, what that really means is your wife or girlfriend might receive the same bouquet as her neighbor at work, or her best friend, or even her mom. Even though the card included may have in your own words how special she is, it is painfully obvious that convenience won out over everything in the ordering process. Nothing says “you’re the one” like receiving a gift that thousands of others also received.

When you order from a boutique instead, you get flowers customized to her exact taste. Every single bouquet that comes out of our shop is different, each stem hand selected, every palette professionally curated to suit your needs. Requests can be made and fulfilled not only on colors but types of flowers and styles of arrangements. From just from a small list of adjectives, we design a floral piece that matches her style and celebrates her for who she is, instead of treating her like a face in a crowd.

In order to make it work, our helpful and talented staff of professional florists (there are four of us) works around the clock every holiday to make sure everything that leaves our shop is beautiful. Then we enlist the help of our family and friends to see to it that each delivery arrives in pristine condition. And, since this is the Bay Area, you still have the convenience of ordering online.